BCIB is a provincial Crown corporation and its reporting and finances are posted publicly.

As part of the provincial government’s Public Sector Employer’s Council (PSEC), BCIB operates under PSEC’s best practices for transparent and full disclosure of public sector executive compensation.

Mandate and performance resources

Background, policy documents and approval documentation related to BCIB’s mandate and performance are available here.

  • Government Mandate Letter 2018/19 [pdf]
    Each year BCIB receives a mandate letter from the B.C. Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. BCIB’s mandate is to provide the labour workforce for the construction of select public-sector infrastructure projects, delivered in accordance with terms and conditions of the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA).
  • Community Benefits Agreement [pdf]
    BCIB is the Crown corporation responsible for implementing the Community Benefits Agreement between the Province and B.C.’s major building trades unions, represented by the Allied Infrastructure and Related Construction Council (AIRCC). The Community Benefits Agreement describes how workers are hired and employed on select major public infrastructure projects in B.C. The first Projects to be delivered under the CBA are the Trans-Canada Highway 1 Kamloops to Alberta Border Four-Laning Program and the Pattulo Bridge Replacement Project , and the Broadway Subway extension.
  • BCIB – AIRCC Erratum 1 [pdf]
  • BCIB – AIRCC Erratum 2 [pdf]
  • BCIB – AIRCC Erratum 3 [pdf]