Indigenous Procurement Initiative

The Indigenous Procurement Initiative (“IPI”) enhances economic outcomes for British Columbia Indigenous people and businesses by offering a separate Indigenous process for accessing BC Infrastructure Benefits Inc. (“BCIB”) contracts (procurements) opportunities.

The initiative will achieve these benefits while maintaining a competitive procurement process for all British Columbians by embedding IPI into BCIB’s existing “Procurement and Contracts Policy. In the same way BCIB’s priority hiring sequence for tradespeople offers Indigenous workers access to jobs for which they are qualified, IPI offers Indigenous companies access to contracts for which they are qualified.

This process pertains to goods and services within BCIB’s scope. BCIB employs the skilled labour on projects that fall under the Community Benefits Agreement (“CBA”). We are not the project owners, which is to say, we don’t manage the tendering on the projects. This initiative does not pertain to project-specific procurement.


BCIB developed the initiative with the direction and support of BCIB’s Board of Directors, Indigenous subject matter experts, counsel from the Government of British Columbia, and advice from other public entities.

The initiative is now approved and implemented across BCIB’s corporate procurement environment.


As the provincial Crown corporation responsible for implementing the CBA, BCIB works to further reconciliation by providing employment and economic opportunities to Indigenous Peoples, businesses, and communities. For example, the CBA includes priority hiring for Indigenous peoples on major infrastructure projects and BCIB implements its Respectful Onsite Initiative for all workers. IPI complements and supplements these efforts.

This initiative honours and supports the Province’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (“DRIPPA”), which came into law in November 2019. DRIPPA aims to create a path forward that respects the human rights of Indigenous peoples while introducing better transparency and predictability in the work we do together as British Columbians.

As a provincial Crown corporation, BCIB is proud to contribute to the ongoing work of the B.C. Government in meeting its commitment to implementing DRIPPA. The implementation and ongoing monitoring of this initiative is a critical step in British Columbia’s journey towards reconciliation.

Why it Matters

The initiative encourages British Columbia Indigenous persons, businesses, communities, and non-British Columbia Indigenous businesses to partner for British Columbia’s benefit.

By working together, we can:

  • grow our businesses;
  • create jobs; and
  • generate new, better, and more equitable economic opportunities.


To guide decision-making and to contribute to the success of the Indigenous Procurement Initiative, the following principles have been established:

  • Reconciliation: BCIB is committed to adopting and implementing substantive measures that advance meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.
  • Community: BCIB recognizes the value of its purchasing power to effect positive social and economic change in British Columbia Indigenous communities.
  • Balance: BCIB remains committed to procurement processes that are competitive, deliver value for money, and contribute direct benefits to communities throughout British Columbia.

Together with British Columbia Indigenous peoples, we’ve implemented the following mechanisms to attract and retain more services from Indigenous peoples, businesses, and communities:

  • Adjustment to sole source justification language;
  • Procurement set-asides;
  • Discrete competitive opportunities;
  • Business list;
  • Early engagement; and
  • Performance reporting

Continuous Business List

We have established a reporting framework to regularly communicate key performance indicators to BCIB’s Board of Directors as a means to:

  • monitor and review the initiative; and
  • make recommendations for potential changes and improvements.

BCIB Business List

The BCIB Business List is a database and helps source interest from Indigenous businesses to receive advance notice of upcoming competitions.

British Columbia Indigenous business owners and persons can request they be added to the database by completing the application form located here.

Early Engagement

BCIB will conduct annually, at the start of the Fiscal Year, upon request from an Indigenous group or business, a dedicated meeting to review BCIB procurement plans for the current Fiscal Year.

Requests for such meetings may be submitted to the below listed email address.


For more information, please contact BCIB’s Procurement department by sending an email to