Truth and Reconciliation. Kevin Lamoureus. TEDxUniversity of Winnipeg
Lamoureux is committed to reconciliation and contributing to an even better Canada for all children to grow up in. Kevin is the Associate Vice-President Of Indigenous Affairs at the University of Winnipeg. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Healing a Nation Through Truth and Reconciliation. Chief Dr. Robert Joseph. TEDx East Van
Canada’s past held some dark and terrible secrets on the treatment of it’s First Nations peoples. Chief Robert Joseph experienced these destructive forces firsthand in the Residential School System and he now explains how sharing these truths was the first step to reconciling a nation.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada presents “Perfect Crime” by Aaron Peters
Musical commentary about residential schools and the on-going legacy and impact.

Reconciliation in your Community. Carolyn Roberts (Stacey Baker). TEDxLangleyED
What did you learn as a child within the Canadian School system about Indigenous people and Indigenous education? What is it that we are talking about when we talk about Reconciliation with the First Nations People in Canada? Now is the time to start to learn and be curious about what you can do as a Canadian Citizen to help the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of Canada in Reconciliation. It is a journey for all Canadians to walk together, side by side and with this information within this TEDx talk, you will receive some history, some culture and a way to move forward in Reconciliation.

Reconciliation and Education. Starleigh Grass. TEDXWestVancouverED
Lessons to remember before thinking about, talking about and teaching about residential schools and reconciliation.

Residential Schools

Canadian Shame: A History of Residential Schools. Ginger Gosnell-Myers. TEDxVancouver

Ginger Gosnell-Myers, of Nisga’a and Kwakwaka’wakw heritage, is a policy expert, researcher, and activist whose work focuses on removing barriers between Indigenous peoples and all Canadians while fostering cooperation through open communication.

Stolen Children: Residential School Survivors Speak Out. CBC News: The National

How Residential Schools affected survivors and their children and grandchildren.

Death at Residential School. CBC News: The National

Among its findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada was more details on the scale of tragedy at residential schools. Thousands of children died in that system. And that number only begins to show how lives were erased and loving families were changed forever.

Canadian Residential Schools: The Survivors & Their Descendants. The Ballantyne Project.

Non-indigenous residential school survivor speaks about his childhood at St. Anne’s.

Ron Gosbee isn’t Indigenous, but as a child, he attended a residential school. He describes what life was like attending St. Anne’s, in northern Ontario, with white skin.

Crimes against children at residential school: The truth about St. Anne’s. The Fifth Estate.

St. Anne’s Indian Residential School in Northern Ontario was a place of horrific abuse and crimes against children that took place over decades. For years, records detailing the abuse were kept hidden — from survivors who needed them for their compensation claims. In Reconciliation Betrayed: The Horrors of St. Anne’s, we show how CBC News obtain thousands of those very documents which expose the fuller picture of the abuse than was previously acknowledged.

Resilience and Resistance

N’we Jinan Artists

N’we Jinan is a non-profit organization that develops, implements, and executes artistic and educational programs in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities and schools. This growing roster of programs, including a mobile recording studio, professional artist teaching residencies, and a year-end cross-country festival celebrates and showcases Indigenous voices.

Some listed video titles:

  • We are Medicine, Nuxalt Nation, Bella Coola, B.C.
  • Home to Me. Grassy Narrow, Ontario
  • The Highway. Kitsumkalum First Nation, B.C.
  • Break the Silence. Wauzhushk Onigum First Nation, Ontario
  • Hide and Seek, Surrey, B.C.
  • When the Dust Settles. Oxford House First Nation
  • Caught in the Storm. English River First Nation

Stereotypes and Myths about Indigenous Peoples

Top 5 Stereotypes Toward Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Wab Kinew.

The Truth Behind the Indigenous Tax Exemption. The Tyee

How to talk about Indigenous people. Ossie Michelin. CBC

Ever wonder how to use the proper terms when referring to Indigenous Peoples? Inuk journalist Ossie Michelin has a friendly how to guide.

Indigenous Youth

Creating environments for Indigenous youth to live & succeed. Tunchai Redvers. TEDxKitchenerED

Indigenous youth experience the highest rates of negative instances such as suicide yet are the fastest growing demographic in Canada. This has been at the heart of the work of Tunchai Redvers, co-founder of We Matter, a national non-profit organization committed to Indigenous youth empowerment, hope and life promotion. Tunchai makes the case that changing the reality and creating environments for Indigenous youth to both live and succeed means centering Indigenous youth voices, honouring Indigenous strengths, and challenging toxic norms and beliefs.


Decolonization Is for Everyone. Nikki Sanchez. TEDxSFU

“This history is not your fault, but it is absolutely your responsibility.” A history of colonization exists and persists all around us. Nikki discusses what colonization looks like and how it can be addressed through decolonization. An equitable and just future depends on the courage we show today. “Let’s make our grandchildren proud”.