If you’re a contractor interested in working on a BCIB project, here’s what you need to know.

Contracting and subcontracting on CBA projects

The Province of British Columbia is building some of its major infrastructure projects under a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA).

Projects currently under the CBA:

  • Highway 1 Four-Laning Projects between Kamloops and the Alberta Border
  • The Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project
  • The Broadway Subway Project

Any contractor or subcontractor can bid and work on a CBA project. The CBA is a no-strike, no-lockout agreement. It guarantees labour stability and the wages are available for everyone to see.

Working with BCIB

BCIB is the employer for workers on projects under the CBA, and hires and provides the skilled workforce to contractors and subcontractors.

While contractors and subcontractors are responsible for the day-to-day oversight of workers, BCIB manages the following:

  • Employee payroll
  • Worker development
  • Employee onboarding and training

Workers on your crew

When working on a CBA project, contractors and subcontractors name hire their supervisors and non-working forepersons. They can also name hire workers on their crew, and name request workers from the unions. However, this hiring process differs slightly depending on the size and the number of trades on the crew.

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Contractor Engagement

Contractor participation is key to the success of the CBA – BCIB knows this and is working collaboratively with industry so they can understand how they can work with the CBA.

Here are some materials from recent presentations:

Vancouver Regional Construction Association – Members Event

Date: July 15, 2019
Location: Civic Hotel, Surrey, British Columbia
Audience: VRCA Members
Copy of the Presentation – Presentation – July 15, 2019 [pdf]
Question and Answers from Event – Questions and Answers – July 15, 2019 [pdf]


More information

If you’re a contractor and have more questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions page. Otherwise,  please contact Greg Johnson, Director, Industry Relations, at info@bcib.ca.