Reporting and Resources

BCIB is a Provincial Crown corporation and its reporting and finances are posted publicly.

Annual Reports

BCIB prepares an Annual Service Plan Report to measure progress against its Service Plan.

Service Plan

Each year BCIB will complete a service plan. The service plan outlines the organization’s priorities, objectives and key measurables.

Fiscal 2020 Reports

Fiscal 2019 Reports

Mandate Letters

BCIB receives a mandate letter from BC’s Minister of Finance. BCIB’s mandate is to provide the labour workforce for the construction of select public-sector infrastructure projects, delivered in accordance with terms and conditions of the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA).

Community Benefits Agreement

  • Amended and Restated (Harmonized) Community Benefits Agreement [pdf] The Amended and Restated CBA is an updated document that consolidates amendments to the CBA into one single document for ease of use. There are no changes to existing projects. For the full list of amendments that have been consolidated into this version of the CBA, please refer to the preamble of the agreement on page 7.